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go or go ahead

Got me writing lyrics on postcards
Then in the evenings looking at stars
But the brightest of the planets is Mars
What has happened to love

-Rufus Wainwright

I've decided the beauty of the ocean cannot be captured by a photograph. Its' beauty lies in movement and feeling, rather than color and shapes. Still, I will keep trying to snap a photo that shows what I feel at the ocean.

I watched the sun set at the beach tonight, and waited for the moon and the stars to shine. There were couples scattered along the shoreline. One couple stopped, right in front of me, to share a kiss under the moon. As jealous as I was, I felt lucky to have been given a part of that moment. A moment where no one else matters, just love. It made me believe. It made me believe that someone could get me writing lyrics on postcards and looking at stars in the evenings.

My only worry is that the person who gets me is on the other side of that ocean.
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